Hydraulic Pump Testing in the Hampton Roads and Norfolk, VA Area

Hydraulic Pump, Motor, and Valve Testing Facility


This is a newly assembled Denison pump is setup on HyVal's 200 HP test stand for adjustments. All adjustments that can be performed on the test stand are set. Model and serial numbers, hydraulic oil temperature, flow (gpm), and pressures are recorded for every unit before leaving the pump shop.

This is one of HyVal Industries' load cells used to simulate the various load parameters a unit will endure during operation. The load cell is equipped with a variety of valves, gauges, and flow meter to achieve the desired parameters.


This is one of many hydraulic test stands at HyVal Industries. This one is used for testing pump servo valve. The configuration that can be setup for testing hydraulic components and equipment at HyVal Industries is almost infinite.


This hydraulic pump has been disassembled with all the subassembly parts bagged up. The unit is ready for the inspection process where all the parts will be carefully measured and inspected to determine what parts can be reused or replaced based on the OEM's recommended criteria.

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