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HyVal Industries is the #1 Repair Center for Parker / Denison Marine Line Pumps and Motors. We specialize in Class A overhauls for the government and service NAVSUPs Defense Level Repairs, CASREPs, and individual procurements of services directly from the fleet.

HyVal Industries has more Parker / Denison Marine Line pump knowledge and inside information that comes directly from the OEM than anyone else on the waterfront. Our piston pump and motor repair technicians have been trained one on one by Parker's Hydraulic Pump Divisions top factory authorized Service Representative.

Other companies boasting of being #1 with fast turnaround times are installing aftermarket inferior parts that have not been engineered and tested to the high standards of the Parker Hydraulic Pump Division. Other companies do not have access to the current bill of materials (BOMs) required to build Parker Denison pumps and motors to the latest engineering revisions.

All major components used to repair Parker / Denison pumps and motors at HyVal Industries use genuine OEM parts purchased direct from the OEM or one of the OEM's authorized distributors. Our repair department overhauls all Parker Denison pumps and motors using current BOMs obtained directly form the OEM.

HyVal is careful to record and document the required repairs necessary to accomplish a Class A overhaul so our customer can keep an accurate repair history on their pumps and motors. This is unlike other companies that swap label plates out and send you back one of their inferior rebuilt units loaded with unreliable aftermarket parts.

Parker's Hydraulic Pump Division has recognized HyVal Industries as a valuable partner in the repair of their Marine Line piston pumps and motors allowing them to extend the service and repair of these products to a qualified waterfront repair facility.

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