Hydraulic System Flushing and On-Site Oil Analysis


HyVal Industries Incorporated has been providing hydraulic system cleaning and flushing for over 38 years. Our customers include the US Navy, US Army, US Coast Guard, Army Core of Engineers, NASSCO, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Colonna’s Ship yard, Lyons, East Coast Repair and Fabrication and many others.

HyVal is a full-service flushing company. We develop specific process control procedures (PCP's) at our customer’s request that meet or exceed their requested requirements. The HyVal flushing team works with our customers to ensure that the end product will provide the satisfactory results they are looking for.

Unlike other flushing companies that boast about how great they are but just supply a man and a filter and don’t do any of the hard work that is required to do the job right; HyVal Industries technicians do the hookups, supply and install required jumpers, pump the hydraulic fluid, and manually clean the sumps, storage tanks and associated equipment required by the specifications. We never leave the hard work for the customer.

HyVal Industries provides onsite oil analysis that provide NAS and ISO standards readouts of the class of the oil being tested. This capability greatly reduces the down time waiting for an off-site LAB to analyze the flushing oil.

HyVal Industries never cuts corners like those other companies do. Our customers always get what they pay for, a high quality flushing job done right.

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