Commercial Hydraulic & Equipment Repair Along the Baltimore, MD to Houston, TX Coast

naval hydraulics

Government and Commercial Ship Hydraulic Systems

HyVal Industries has been servicing hydraulic and mechanical systems and equipment aboard military and commercial vessels for over 30 years. HyVal Industries has a reputation for getting those tough jobs done.

Commercial Hydraulic Equipment

HyVal Industries has been servicing bucket trucks, auger trucks, boom trucks, backhoes, front-end loaders, hydraulic brake presses, hydraulic shears and a long list of other commercial equipment for over 30 years. Call HyVal Industries the next time your equipment requires service.

HyVal Industries services edge of dock, dock levelers, bailers, compactors, incinerator door cylinders, transmission jacks and floor jacks with a capacity of 10,000 lbs or more.

Equipment Repair from the Eastern Seaboard to the Gulf Coast

No matter if your hydraulic commercial equipment is located in Baltimore, MD or in Houston, TX, HyVal Industries will be there to repair it. We provide equipment repair all along the Eastern Coast as well as the Gulf Coast, including the major cities of: Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL, Charleston, SC, Houston, TX and Norfolk, VA. It doesn't matter what eastern coast city you're in; call us for commercial hydraulic equipment repair.

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